Navigant Research

Project Overview

During our initial UX research, we closely evaluated Navigant Research’s product offerings, business objectives, audience needs, and key performance indicators. We conducted interviews, created personas, and held a collaborative workshop to gain further understanding of how audiences are being served today and what they’ll need from the website moving forward.

UX Research


In addition to stakeholder interviews, we performed user interviews with five existing clients that held the following roles:

Director of Corporate Marking & Sales
Technology Marketing Manager
Directors of Market Intelligence & Insight
Vice President of Business Development
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Regulatory Affairs

Collaborative workshop

To develop further insight into the goals and purpose of the Navigant Research website, we conducted a workshop with key stakeholders that focused on the customer journey. We used customer narratives and customer data to plot their experiences over time. We mapped what they do, think, and feel as well as what they are interacting with along the way.

The Customer Journey Map Structure

The Customer Journey Map Structure


Journey Mapping

As a group, we spent 30 minutes per stages mapping the customer goals, activities, touchpoints, experience, pain points, and opportunities.

User Testing


The testing protocol utilized a scripted, moderated, and linear flow to test a selection of key features and user tasks. Using a custom prototype, the tests were conducted over a 1 day period using Zoom conferencing. Testing lasted 45 minutes per participant with two test moderators present. One to administer the test and another to record observations. Participants were also recorded using screen capture software.

User Tasks

Newsletter Sign Up
Webinar Registration
Evaluating Product Offerings
Custom Research Inquiry
Purchasing Research Reports
Accessing Your Account

Wireframes + Visual Design


Style Guide





Forms & Menus

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